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"I'll Tell You How the Sun Rose"
- Emily Dickinson

"Sound of the Sea"
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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The Life Around Us : Selected Poems on Ecological Themes (New Directions Paperbook, 843)
by Denise Levertov

Price: $19.95
Availability: This title usually ships within 2-3 days.
Avg customer rating: 4 stars

Receiving the coveted "CPP Buy Now! Award™", this book is a perfect complement to the collection of anyone with a true love for nature. The 62 poems collected in this bundle not only tell the story of the intrinsic beauty of nature, but also of its perils and the importance of its preservation.
The theme nature and the ecology are expressed wonderfuly throughout this bundle with the underlying theme of "fear of loss" (as the author notes in her preface) becoming real and important.

Earth and All the Stars : Reconnecting With Nature Through Hymns, Stories, Poems, and Prayers from the World's Great Religions and Cultures
by Anne Rowthorn (Editor)
Price: $12.76
Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.
Avg. customer rating: 5 stars

From early Hindu song, to Einstein to a comtemporary Nigerian teenager... The golden thread that runs through their contributions is the golden thread with which Mother Nature weaves. It is everpresent, omnipotent and experienced as a spiritual connection by all whose name appear in this book.
It's truly unique in that the collection gives the reader insights into so many different cultural and historic perspectives on nature and the spiritual world it is connected with.

Old Elm Speaks: Tree Poems
by Kristine O'Connell George, Kate Kiesler (Illustrator)

Price: $12.00
Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.
Avg customer rating: 5 stars

Trees have voices, thoughts, feelings, eyes, and even a soul. They speak in free verse, rhyme and even haiku (aren't they well educated?).
Although not all poetry in this collection speaks through the trees (some speak through tree observers), this is the basic premise of George's book: if trees could talk, what would they tell you?
The poetry is complemented beautifully with oil paintings by Kate Kiesler.

Sisters of the Earth : Women's Prose and Poetry About Nature
by Lorraine Anderson (Editor), Loraine Anderson, Terry Tempest Williams, Marty Asher (Editor)

Price: $11.20
Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.
Avg customer rating: 5 stars

This collection of earthly poetry (and prose) is written by women. Some familiar, some contemporary, some long gone. The range of authors , the carefull selection of prose and poems and of course the fact that they are all female, make this book extraordinary and certainly a must have.

Once upon Ice : And Other Frozen Poems
by Jane Yolen (Editor), Jason Stemple (Photographer)

Price: $14.36 Availability: This title usually ships within 2-3 days.

Mix seventeen poets and a bunch of pictures of ice, and what do you get? If you would have the poets write down their responses to the ice you could have published a book.
Jane Yolen took on the task to hand pick the best, and only the best complements to Jason Stemple's photographs, even sometimes picking two poems to go alongside the same picture. The descriptions of the frozen phenomenon will leave you amused, suprised, and thought provoked.

Earth Prayers : From Around the World, 365 Prayers, Poems, and Invocations for Honoring the Earth
by Elizabeth J. Roberts (Editor), Elias L. Amidon (Editor)

Price: $12.00
Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.
Avg. customer rating: 5 stars

This book bundles the strong voices of a range of poets, from classic to contemporary to ancient. The voices all have the same underlying tone, offering praise and respect for Mother Nature, while at the same time speaking of the clear and present dangers of her uncertain future.
This is a superb collection of poetry and song of different peoples celebrating the same world that sustains us all.
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