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Classic Poetry Pages is in serious need of some good writers! Think you can handle writing a poem or painting analysis every now and then? Still have some old school papers lying around from English 101? Any and every kind of help is appreciated. Please email us ASAP!

Those ol' poets and painters sure took their time to stop and smell the roses... There's lots of classic poetry and art starring Mother Nature as herself. Check it out here !

Love... a many spendored thing. Mischievous little Cupid made a lot of hearts beat faster and inspired a lot of art and poetry. Have a look at the romance section !

"To be or not to be... that is the question." And believe me, some people thought long and hard about this question, and others about this crazy thing called life. Find their thoughts that rhymed here !

Even tough old poets and rough old painters had a lighter side. Some were actually funny... others tried really, really hard. Find out for yourself in the jester department !

Young and old, good sense of humor or not... there's something for everyone. Check out the "CPP Buy Now! Award™" books and the rest of the hand-picked selection in the recommended reading department !

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New addition! "Hunchback Girl: She thinks of Heaven" by Gwendolyn Brooks with the famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

For all those wonderful people out there enjoying poetry and paintings of the old masters, here's the poetry pages update ! Most regular visitors know that an update was way overdue, so apologies for being so late.

For your browsing pleasure, to your left you will find the entrances to the different sections of this site. On the first floor you can find all the R&R necessities: the lawn and patio furniture as well as the barbeques. The escalators to the second floor will take you to the pink underwear department for a little more intimate look into poetry's softer side. Following the elevator sign, you can hitch a ride in the lift for the answers to "Life, the Universe and Everything." On the fourth level, you can grab a cup of coffee, relax some more, and enjoy some laughs. And on the top floor you will find the best of the best, the biggest and the brighest, all hand-selected for optimal freshness.

More content has been added, more features, more links, more everything ! If you have any suggestions or comments, or to submit suggestions about poets and / or painters that you feel need to be featured here please let us know through the links below. You can email and leave a message.
Let us know how you like the new design and layout of the site ! Enjoy your stay !

Email us with suggestions / comments / just because... but do not email with inquires relating to school projects. You can find a lot of info, links and thoughts about poetry and art on this site. But if you can't find it on this site, chances are we don't know either cuz we're not school teachers. There's about a billion other pages in cyberspace, so try Google for that stuff.

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